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Our IT department is here to help you!

We are just a phone call away at 775-352-1444

Todd, Ben, Brandon, and Michelle

We can also remote into your computer to correct simple problems with

Peterbilt TeamViewer Quick Support.

Services offered:

  • Networking design and maintenance
  • Data Backup Services
  • Virus Removal
  • Computer Sales
  • Computer Service
  • Server Support and Repair
  • End User Tech Support
  • Remote Assistance
  • Classroom and Individual Trainin


  • Microsoft Office
  • Free Office suites
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Internet Basics
  • Internet Safety
  • Email Basics
  • Gmail and Google Docs
  • Google apps
  • Dropbox



One of the most important pieces of infrastructure for any sized business is a computer network. With a network, you can share resources such as files, printers, and some specialty equipment.
Users are able to access their files while not in the office through a Virtual Private Network.
Computers on a network can have their data backed up locally or to the cloud, and restored.
A network can save money on your Internet connection by sharing one high speed connection between many users.
A network can enhance safety for your email, data, and computers by using a firewall and other dedicated equipment. We can help you plan for your networking needs and design your network.

We can replace most computer parts, including but not limited to, hard drives, motherboards, video cards, optical drives, power supplies, and preform memory upgrades.
Virus removal is also included in our list of services. This can take an hour or two, or in an extreme case a day or two and may involve rebuilding your hard drive if the infection has compromised your operating system.

We can purchase new equipment such as monitors, external storage, keyboards and other accessories. Our purchasing agent is knowledgeable and willing to advise our customers on the most economical and efficient parts for replacement.

To sign up for a monthly service retainer, or cloud backup, or any other monthly service,
please fill out the following credit application so our accounting department can bill you directly.
Thank you!!

Credit Application

Please call or email for current pricing on any of our services.

PTPE Business Services
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Fax: 775-359-5839
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Four Peterbilt & Silver State Locations to serve you!


Main IT Office at Peterbilt


Peterbilt Shop


IT Managers Office at Peterbilt


Silver State Satellite IT Office