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Closure- January 8, 2017

Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment is closed until further notice due to weather conditions. Residents are advised to stay home, if possible, and to avoid nonessential travel in order to stay safe and with respect to emergency operations. We will update everyone as more information becomes available. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding....
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Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment Awarded Western Region Service Excellence Award

Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment has been awarded the Western Region Service Excellence Award by Peterbilt Motors Company. PB AwardThe Western Region Service Excellence Award is given to those dealerships that implement superior customer service practices and demonstrate a commitment to employee training for Peterbilt product lines. Criteria considered included warranty service, roadside assistance response rate, SmartLINQ dealer readiness, overall service training, number of certified technicians and dealer size. “We are very proud of the exceptional...
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We are pleased to announce that we are now a Telma Brakes Dealer

Since 1946, Telma has been the world leader in frictionless braking systems based on the physical principle of electromagnetic induction. Telma's unique expertise in the field of induction braking systems has been built on sixty years of presence in the market. During this time Telma managed to establish the industry standards and make a di erence in its area of expertise. Since its inception, Telma has significantly contributed to the improvement of road safety. Telma has been actively lobbying and campaigning around...
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Keeping Business Moving

PTPE The tall sign for Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment LLC is easily seen for passengers along Interstate 80 on the east side of Sparks. The Sparks franchise of Peterbilt and its sister company Silver State International both located just down the street from each other on Larkin Circle, have become very visible to its customers in the transportation and logistics industries. It serves as a dealership in sales and leasing of vehicles as well as providing...
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